We sell an array of Goat Milk Soaps and Shampoo products. All our soaps and shampoos are handcrafted using only the finest goat's milk straight from our own goats. We also have a few branded apparel items as well. Those ship directly from the distributor.

We do sell goats within the United States Only at this time. We prefer customer pick-up, but can accommodate delivery requests on a case by case basis. All our goats are registered with ADGA (American Dairy Goat Association) unless otherwise stated. We specialize in Nigerian Dwarf Goats at this time. For more information, look on our Goat Page to see any available goats, or go to our Goat Kid Waitlist to be added to our free waitlist for upcoming kids.

Yes, all our gift cards are e-cards and can be sent via e-mail or text. You can select a recipient e-mail or phone number at check-out for the e-gift card to be delivered to directly.

All our body soaps are formulated with the same dual butter recipe, but we use different Charcoal, Clay, or Botanical powders for color and added dirt absorption. Not all our soaps contain Charcoal or Botanical powders, but all do include a Clay in some form. As well, all our scented soaps contain a synthetic fragrance that is paraben and phthalate free and our essential oil soaps are scented with different essential oil blends. All our shampoo bars are created with our triple butter recipe for added moisture and are similar to our regular soaps in that they each contain different Clays, or sometimes Charcoal or botanical powders for color and extra dirt absorption. Our shampoo bars are each scented with the same Essential oils blends or synthetic fragrances our regular bars are. Our face bars follow our shampoo bars triple butter recipe, but are smaller in size, perfect for your face! Our whipped soaps and sugar scrubs have a unique triple butter recipe which provides plenty of moisture, though they are NOT formulated for use on hair. They also contain Clay, and possible Charcoal or Botanical extracts. We do not offer our whipped soaps with Essential oil blends or an unscented version at this time, we only offer the scented variety with is paraben and phthalate free.

Goat milk contains Lactic Acid and Butter Fat, both these ingredients when combined into soap have 2 benefits, the Lactic Acid acts as an extremely gentle exfoliator and helps clean off dead skin and grime from the surface of your skin. The Butter Fat in goats milk helps to penetrate deeper into your skin with moisture, providing relief for dry or itchy skin. Most soaps contain a butter or two to help with moisturization of your skin, but goats milk adds that extra level of Butter Fat to our soaps.

All our soaps are hand crafted using fresh goat milk from our own goats, so we have a better control of the quality of the milk that goes into our product. As well, our soaps are "true" soaps, meaning they contain lye that has saponified the butters and oils in our soap to form, well, soap. Most soaps sold on store shelves and labeled as soap are actually detergents, not true soap, which can dry out the skin by removing too much of your body's natural oils. Our soaps are much more gentle on the skin, and our clay additives we use for color help absorb excess sebum and grime off your skin without stripping your skin bare. The goat milk in our soaps helps to gently exfoliate the skin while providing moisture, so our unscented soap is amazing for sensitive skin. Our shampoo bars are formulated with goats milk and our own triple butter recipe for extra moisture for your scalp. Healthy hair starts at your scalp, and our bars are designed just for your scalp!


Delivery time is dependent upon the delivery method selected at check-out. We usually take 2-3 business days to process orders and ship orders Monday through Friday only. Apparel orders are subject to separate processing time and usually ship within a few weeks. Gift card sales are instant, as all our gift cards are e-cards and can be sent via e-mail or text.

We do not offer local pick-up at this time, we do offer local delivery to select zip codes at this time.