Our Goats

Important Dates

  • 01 Jan

    Goat Kids

    10 am

    Goat kids will be arriving in January! Sign up for our free waitlist by messaging us at info@getongitfarm.com

Our Bucks


The Original Baby

Meet Gimli, the dashing, blue-eyed hero with an awesome family tree! His mom, Lilly, is a legendary milk producer, and it looks like Gimli's ready to take on the family business. We're all giddy with excitement to see him grow and keep the family's legacy of excellence alive!


King of the Mountain

Meet our dazzling lad, the moonspot master who passes on his spotty style to his kiddos with ease. Despite being the head honcho of the buck crew, he's a chill dude with a laid-back vibe. Don't let his petite stature fool you, he's a little powerhouse with stunning blue peepers to boot!

Our Does


Our First Goat

Meet our OG goat, Lilly, who we brought home with her little buckling, Gimli, to kickstart our goat squad. She's the goat of our dreams - a pro on the milking stand with udderly brilliant milk production. She sets the standard for our goat crew and adds a splash of elegance with her Cou Claire color genetics. Don't even think about messing with her milk stand routine or she'll be sure to let you know! Plus, she's one of only two blue-eyed divas on our farm.


All Hail the Queen

Meet our top goat gal, Hula! As the second adult goat on our farm, she quickly hit it off with Lilly and even took Gimli under her wing for a while. With her plump and velvety udder, she's a milking machine and a top-notch mama to her little ones. Hula's a real people-pleaser and always trots over when we holler her name.


Loud Momma

Pearl, our resident diva, struts around the farm like she owns the place, announcing her presence to all who will listen. She's a real softie though, quick to adopt any goat kid that catches her eye, even if they're not hers. Her udder attachment is top-notch, with ample capacity to boot!


Great Things, Small Packages

Introducing Lina, the sassy goat with a whole lotta style! She's got moonspots for days and a quirky set of wattles that'll make you do a double-take. But don't be fooled by her show-stopping looks; her milk game is on point! With a velvety udder and some impressive capacity for her small frame, Lina is a force to be reckoned with. We're already counting down to kidding season to see what she's got up her sleeve next!


Drama Queen

Our farm got a delightful addition when we spotted Violet's udder online. You can't help but feel udderly envious of her perfect attachment, fullness, and spot-on teat placement. Plus, she's just a lovely goat with a sweet disposition towards people. But don't let her gentle nature fool you, she's not one to take any nonsense from the other ladies in the herd. Oh, and did we mention she's got gorgeous blue eyes?


Polled Pretty

Introducing the belle of the barnyard, Miss Ellie! With her luscious cocoa coat and hypnotizing dark eyes, it's hard not to be smitten. But wait, there's more! This gal's udder is a masterpiece, boasting perfect attachment, impeccable orifices, and silky-smooth softness that's nothing short of divine. And get this - it's only her first year! We're all on the edge of our hay bales, eagerly waiting to see what this genetic superstar will gift us next.


Thing 1

Meet the wild and fearless F7 Mini Nubian twin, Pippin! With a mischievous glint in her eye, she's constantly plotting her next move (like nibbling on your jeans!). Bursting with personality, we're eagerly waiting to see if her kiddos inherit that same playful spirit!


Thing 2

Meet Merry, the sensible F7 Mini Nubian twin sis. She sports a lovely brown coat and a sprinkle of moonspots. Last year, we gave the breeding season a miss, but now we're eagerly awaiting their first freshen. Get ready for some goat-tastic excitement!


Don't Start None, Won't Be None

Introducing Sandwich, the sassy half Pygmy, half Nigerian Dwarf goat that's part of our original five-goat team! This girl's got a unique feature that sets her apart from the rest - a full set of horns! Don't let her cute exterior fool you, when push comes to shove, she's a real fighter. Even Hula, our herd queen, knows better than to mess with this little diva. Although she isn't the biggest fan of humans, Adam (who named her and thinks he is hilarious) holds a special place in her heart. With her moonspots, roaning, and wattles, Sandwich is nothing short of a beauty queen, even if she isn't registered. We're planning on breeding her since we're all about the milking life, but her babies will only be up for grabs as pets or 4-H project goats, with no registration available.